“Ireland has been vindicated today by the General Court of the European Union when it ruled against the EU Commission case on Apple’s tax affairs,” says Fianna Fáil MEP, Billy Kelleher.

Welcoming the decision, Kelleher, a member of the European Parliament’s powerful Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee said, “This was a backdoor attempt by the EU Commission to meddle in Irish tax affairs and it was rightly slammed shut by the court.

“Fundamentally, the EU Commission attempted to question the integrity of the Irish tax system, which I believe potentially undermined Ireland’s credibility on the world stage.

“From the moment this decision was taken by the EU Commission a number of years ago, the Irish government, and the vast majority of responsible Irish political parties sought to resolutely defend our country, and they have been vindicated.

“Questions do need to be asked about how the Commission got it so wrong, and were political considerations, rather than legal facts, given sway when this decision was made?

“Tax is a national competence enshrined in law by the EU treaties. Only a unanimous decision by all 27 member states can change that; the EU Commission must now accept this fact following the ruling,” concluded Kelleher.