Fianna Fáil MEP, Billy Kelleher has said that the UK Government must accept that its ability to sign trade deals with the United States of America will be contingent on them adhering to the Northern Ireland protocol and the GFA.

The Ireland South MEP was commenting following PM Johnson’s meetings in New York with various US officials this week.

“The mood music coming out from all these meetings is quite clear. The US Congress will not sign up to a deal unless, and until, the British Government accepts what it signed up to in the Trade & Cooperation Agreement and the Northern Ireland Protocol.

US Representatives Richie Neal and Brendan Boyle have been quite clear what they think is possible and acceptable. The British Government should read the room.

“Instead of attempting to scrap the Protocol, unionists in the North and hard-line Brexiteers in Britain should actually use the provisions within the Protocol to find solutions to the obvious challenges that certain sectors are facing.

“The consequences of scrapping the Protocol are simply too horrific for our island to accept. Thankfully the US Congress and the Biden Administration understand fully what could happen and are resolute in their belief that a trade deal is not possible if the UK Government does not live up to their requirements under the Protocol and the Good Friday Agreement.

“Mitigating the impact of Brexit on all sectors of society, North and South, is my absolute priority. Many industries in Northern Ireland are thriving under the Protocol. Our objective as responsible political leaders is to make sure we fix any of the problems, and ensure everyone can get on with their business and lives,” concluded Kelleher.