“This is the additional capacity Ireland needs post Brexit, and I am delighted that a new six-day per week ferry service between Rosslare Europort and Dunkirk in Northern France has been announced,” said Fianna Fáil MEP for Ireland South, Billy Kelleher.

Kelleher was commenting after global logistics company DFDS announced a new direct ferry service that serves to lessen the reliance of Irish hauliers on the South of England land bridge, and the crossing between Dover and Calais.

“Additional capacity is something I have been calling for over the past number of months. This gives options to Irish hauliers in the event of damaging delays at Dover in the event of a No Deal Brexit, or even in the event of a deal, if additional bureaucracy slows down the movement of trucks through the port.

“As an island nation, and as a major exporter of both agri-food produce and high-end pharmaceutical and diagnostic products, we rely heavily on transport corridors that get our products to their markets as quickly as possible.

“The management of Rosslare Europort and DFDS deserve significant credit for forming this partnership. It will support local jobs in Wexford and the wider South East, and provide a lifeline to thousands of Irish hauliers who were seriously worried about their futures post Brexit.

“More capacity is needed. Of that, I am in no doubt. However, this announcement proves that alternatives can be found. The Irish government, the ports and hauliers must come together and collectively secure solutions to the challenges facing us all,” concluded Kelleher.